The Process

Every piece of knitwear is designed and handmade from start to finish in my tiny studio in Exeter, Devon. I draw out all of my inspiration and design ideas by hand as I think of them, and then work out the knitting patterns to make them.


I knit my finer designs on my domestic knitting machine, using manual techniques to create different patterns and shapes, and weaving in yarns and fleece by hand as I go. I then construct my garments using my trusty second-hand linker.


All of my chunky knits are hand-knitted and sewn together by hand. I do most of my hand-knitting at home, but do take it everywhere I go, too! 


Once finished, I wash and block all of my pieces, which makes them even softer and more hard-wearing.




From Sheep to Jumper

A video showing the spinning process: from sheep to yarn.

Reusing Waste

The spinning process produces a lot of waste at each stage of spinning. The most waste is produced when colours are blended together before spinning, and waste from this part of the process can be carded and reused as wool tops for spinning or felting. Waste from later stages in the spinning process is too twisted to be carded and reused in this way, but I reuse these by weaving them into my knitting, to produced subtle lines of colour and illustrations of trees and landscapes.

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