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Woolly Minded is a one-woman mission to produce genuinely sustainable knitwear that is ethically and transparently produced: from sheep to jumper. Every piece is designed and handmade from start to finish by Heather Firby in her tiny studio in Exeter, Devon.

Inspired by nature, Heather’s designs aim to be fresh and contemporary whilst maintaining a strong focus on craftsmanship and functionality. Every piece is either knitted by hand or on her trusty manual knitting machine; manipulated by hand to produce subtle patterns and details. Landscapes are illustrated through colour and knitting techniques that when you look twice can be interpreted as lines of trees or muddy tracks in fields.

Every material used is natural, sustainable and responsibly sourced. High quality wool and alpaca are the primary materials used, with most of these being sourced from farms across Devon, and all spun in the UK. Wool and alpaca have amazing natural properties and come in a range of undyed colours and raw textures which are used extensively in Heather’s work.

Fashion should be fun, but it can have a conscience, too. In a world where we are often so disconnected from where and how our possessions are made, Woolly Minded's aim is to offer knitwear that is ethically sourced and handmade from start to finish. Every stage of the process is truly transparent: from the design inspiration; to the animals the wool is sourced from; to the knitting and finishing of the garments.


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Knitting and Crochet Pattern Design


Heather also designs knitting and crochet patterns, and works as a freelance designer for companies including UK Alpaca.

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